You’re not a weekend warrior, so why are you training like one?

Your workout buddy isn’t available when you are.

You’re pressed for time and low on energy.

It’s tough to stay motivated.

And now … no one can get to the gym.

Be stronger than your excuses.

A workout that’s great for one person might be risky for another — and could actually hinder progress toward a specific goal.

You’ve got goals, or you wouldn’t be on this page. I’m here to help you achieve them. With Kelly Performance & Wellness Online Personal Training, you get customized programs, designed by a certified personal trainer, who understands your individual limitations, strengths, and goals.

Better training for better results.

  • Accountability partner
  • Programs customized for you
  • Performance and goal tracking
  • On-demand access to NASM approved exercises

You provide the goal — we show you how to achieve it.

First, the assessment.

We determine what muscles over-fire and what muscles under-fire. I’ll make sure you use the correct posture to avoid injuries and get faster results!

With consistent encouragement and support, my clients remain motivated. And as a result, they experience fewer setbacks.

I start each client with very specific, corrective exercises during the initial phase. This way we eliminate any movement dysfunctions that will impede progress.

“By forming a connection with my clients, educating them, pushing them, and holding them accountable, many of them have been able to surpass their goals.”

— Jacqueline Kelly

How does it work?

  • Send an email, or give me a call.
  • We’ll discuss your challenges and goals and various program options.
  • Next, we’ll do a video assessment if you desire.
  • Download the app, which houses workouts designed for you.

The type of program purchased determines how we communicate — phone, email, or text, and how often l monitor your progress.

We’ll work together to create a program that keeps you on track.

Success Stories at Kelly Performance & Wellness

jacqueline kelly with client in gym

Stay connected, reduce stress, and keep working towards your fitness goals – because when things rev up again, you'll want to hit the ground running!

You’ve got this

You’re worth it.

1 Month w/Assessment

  • 1 Customized Workout
  • Access - NASM App

1 Month Unlimited w/Assessment

  • Up to 4 Customized Workouts
  • Access - NASM App
  • Personalized Support Plan

6 Month Unlimited w/Assessment

  • Unlimited Workouts
  • 6 Months Access - NASM App
  • Personalized Support Plan

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