Team Performance Training

Sports Performance

Hoping your lacrosse team will rule the field this year? Have a football team that had too many injuries last year? Kelly Performance and Wellness can bolster your team’s competitive edge. The Kelly Sports Performance Method combines sports training with sports psychology to give your team the winning advantage.

While most teams focus on developing the physical skills necessary on the field, few know how to effectively harness the power of the mind in the training process. Kelly Performance provides meticulous physical and mental skills training designed to help your team dominate theirsport. From basketball to baseball, football, to soccer, lacrosse to hockey, There isn’t any Denver team sport that won’t benefit from the Kelly Sports Performance Method.

Our trainers understand the physical competencies necessary for each sport and can work with teams to build the strength and conditioning they need. Perhaps more importantly, we also understand the mental obstacles that stand in the way of being a champion. We work with individuals and teams to invigorate their mental abilities as well. If you’ve ever struggled with a negative self-fulfilling prophesy on the field, have had trouble mentally getting into “the zone,” or have team conflicts, mental skills training for your team is a must.

The Kelly Performance Method includes:

Physical training

  • Sport-Specific Warm Ups and Cool Downs
  • Injury Prevention Techniques
  • Flexibility Testing & Improvement
  • Drills to Increase Speed & Power

Mental Skills Training*

  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Visualization & Imagery
  • Self-Regulation
  • Hypnosis
  • Sports Psychology

Winning takes more than teamwork and athletic skills training. Your team members’ mental conditioning has a huge impact on individual athletic performance. Eliminate sports anxiety, negative self-fulfilling prophesies and team conflict. Take your team’s game to a higher level with sport-specific physical and mental skills training from Kelly Performance and Wellness.

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*Not all athletes receive all of these modalities. Skills training is moderated for age-appropriateness.