Mental Skills Training

Kelly Performance Wellness offers mental skills training by a registered Denver psychotherapist and hypnotherapist to help you overcome your conscious mind’s self-defeating chatter. Using mental skills, you can insert positive thoughts that are more conducive to your health and fitness goals into your unconscious mind where they can take hold and turn into the productive, healthy behaviors you need to reach your objectives.

Before Your Session

Before you begin your mental skills session, you will discuss with Jacqueline Kelly, what you want to achieve. Are you trying to be more motivated? Lose weight? Develop better eating habits? Control stress? Perhaps you are an athlete that has a mental obstacle you need to overcome. Mental skills are tools to help you focus the power of your mind so you can make the thought and behavior changes you want to make. You will enter each session with a clear intention of what you want to achieve.

During Your Session

Each session begins with discussion and a review of your goals and accomplishments. If needed, relaxation techniques are used to calm the mind and body. Sometimes hypnosis or visualization is used. Much like meditation, hypnosis slows your mind’s babbling and allows your brain to attain a heightened state of focus. Unlike meditation, however, the hypnotherapist is there to guide you into deeper relaxation and introduce thoughts and ideas to you verbally, which resonate with the goals you outlined before the session.

Guided Imagery

The mind’s imagination is one of the most powerful and creative parts of our brain. Sometimes Jacqueline will use guided imagery during a mental skills session to harness this power in service of your goals. When you use your imagination to picture particular images and ideas, you create a more memorable mental experience that aids in changing your thought and behavior patterns.

After Your Session

You will feel refreshed after your mental skills session and ready to take on the challenges of your day. Your 50-minute mental skills session will be a relaxing, positive experience and a boost to your health and well-being.

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