Mental performance coaching is for everyone.

Kelly Performance & Wellness offers mental skills training and mental performance coaching to everyone. Mental performance coaching is ideal for serious athletes, managers, coaches, fitness fanatics, and new exercisers who are having difficulty achieving specific goals, or recovering from an injury. Maybe you’ve set your sights on climbing a 14’er, competing in a marathon,  — or you just want to be able to walk your dog without pain.

Our behavior is largely governed by our unconscious minds. 

Most of us aren’t even aware of our inner dialogue and mental programming… but we are painfully aware when doubts, fears, and other negative thoughts creep into our minds, and mess with our mojo! The good news is, mental skills can be developed. It’s possible to redirect our thought processes from unproductive and damaging, to positive and enhancing.

Mental Performance Coaching uses a variety of techniques that enable clients to self-regulate and perform at a higher level.

Mental performance coaching is a type of coaching that focuses on enhancing an individual’s mental skills and psychological well-being to improve their performance in a specific area, such as sports, academics, business, or creative pursuits. We introduce positive thoughts to your unconscious mind and work with you to develop mental skills and strategies that can help you manage stress, increase focus, build confidence and maintain your motivation. These skills evolve into healthy behaviors that are more conducive to reaching your goals.

Change your mindset, and change your life.

Here’s a secret… professional athletes aren’t necessarily born with the mental ability to perform their best when it counts the most. They too, must work to strengthen their mental skills throughout their careers. Mental performance coaching involves setting specific goals and developing an individualized plan that includes techniques like visualization, goal-setting, self-talk, and mindfulness. We can help you identify and address the mental and/or emotional barriers that may be holding you back. Anyone can benefit from mental performance coaching.

Top competitors develop their mental skills — and you can too.

  • Uncover what’s holding you back
  • Learn to regulate your own behavior
  • Change the dialogue, and silence your inner critic
  • Better navigate all of life’s challenges

The first part of the process is recognizing your limitations. The next time you falter, you’ll be able to STOP, self-correct, and avoid the mental trap. From there transformation is possible — most clients are surprised by how quickly they progress.

“With Jacqueline’s expertise, professionalism and ability to motivate, she has helped me to achieve a level of wellness I never thought was possible.”

— S.A.
Get your mindset in the game!

Before Your Session

Preparing for a mental skills training session

Set clear goals: Identify your specific goals and what you hope to achieve from the training session. Are you trying to get motivated? Lose weight? Develop better eating habits? Control stress? Perhaps you’re an athlete with a mental obstacle to overcome.

Reflect on past experiences: Reflect on any past experiences that may be relevant to the skills you want to improve. This can help you identify patterns and behaviors that you want to change or improve.

Mental skills help focus the power of your mind so you can eliminate counterproductive thoughts and behaviors. You’ll enter each session with clear intentions.

During Your Session

Each session begins with a review of your goals and accomplishments. If needed, relaxation techniques are used to calm the mind and body. Other techniques may include hypnosis or visualization.

Much like meditation, hypnosis slows your mind’s babbling and allows your brain to attain a heightened state of focus. Unlike meditation however, a hypnotherapist guides you into a deeper state of relaxation, and introduces thoughts and ideas that resonate with your goals.

Come with an open mind: Be open to learning new skills and strategies, even if they may be outside your comfort zone.

Be engaged: Participate actively in the training session and ask questions. Engage with the coach or trainer and other participants, as this can enhance the learning experience.

Take notes: Take notes during the session to help you remember important concepts and strategies

Guided Imagery

Your imagination is one of the most powerful and creative parts of your consciousness. Sometimes guided imagery is used to harness this power in service of your goals. When you use your imagination, you create a more memorable mental experience that aids in changing your thought and behavior patterns.

After Your Session

Your 50-minute mental skills session will be a relaxing, positive experience — a boost to your health and well-being. You will feel refreshed after your session, and ready to take on the challenges of your day!

Practice the skills: Take the time to practice the mental skills and strategies outside of the training session. Consistent practice can help you integrate the skills into your daily life and improve your overall performance.

Reach out if you have any questions about your upcoming appointment.