Mental Performance Coaching & Personal Training for high achievers

You’re competitive and driven — on and off the course. You’re no stranger to deadlines and pressure, so why do you find yourself crumbling at the most inopportune moments? Don’t you wish you could step on the green with the same amount of laser-focused confidence you bring to the conference room?


Not so fast, runners, cyclists, and fitness fanatics… Yeah, we’re talking to you too, all you goal-oriented souls, with dreams that won’t die. Maybe you want to be the best version of yourself, drop a few pounds — or just get rid of the negative voice in your head — once and for all.

What if you could bypass the sticking points in your mind that limit your ability to progress?

Here’s the truth, most of us make excuses. And we all have unconscious, self-imposed limitations. But on some level, we know that we can do better… That’s where the challenge lies — bridging that mental gap.

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Athletes need a specific kind of mental performance coaching.

It goes beyond ‘mind-over-matter’ or just resolving to ‘have a more positive attitude.’ Maybe you’re recovering from an accident or an injury… and you’ve developed a mental block as a result. Fear might be holding you back.

There’s no magic number of miles, reps, or crunches that will free you from deep-rooted beliefs and other mental limitations. It’s frustrating… but sometimes instinct kicks in. The good news is, there’s something you can do about it.

Mental Performance Coaching makes it possible to break through.
Kelly Performance & Wellness is the best resource for Personal Training combined with Performance Coaching in the Denver/Westminster area, specializing in:
  • Mental Performance Coaching for Individuals & Teams
  • Golf Tournament Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Post Injury Rehabilitation

We help athletes and high performance individuals hit goals they haven’t been able to achieve on their own.

The Kelly Process™ begins by exploring your inner dialogue, and asking the tough questions… We work toward replacing old scripts with new, more constructive messages. If you have the desire to counteract bad programming — you can experience the outcome you desire!

From the moment you walk through our door, you’ll be greeted warmly and begin your free 30 minute initial assessment. Your training plan will be personalized and comprehensive — taking into account your lifestyle, your internal dialogue, and what your body specifically needs. As you progress, your training plan will evolve as well.

If you’ve got crush-worthy goals,  you’ll be in good company.

Whatever your fitness goal is, we’ll help you reignite the fire in your soul… bring the joy back to your game…  and get you pumped about your training, so you’ll feel energized knowing you’ve performed your best, regardless of the final score. 

Our clients keep coming back because they get results.  Not only will you look and feel better than you thought possible, we’ll help you increase your confidence, and improve your competitive edge.

“At fifty years old, I am in the best shape of my life! Jacqueline showed me how to workout in the most effective, time-efficient way possible. She makes working out really work in my life.”

– Paige H.

It’s all about you… what will you set your mind to?

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Mental Performance Coaching


“I broke my leg skiing and my muscles were very weak. Jaqueline helped me rehab by putting together solid workout plans and coaching me through that difficult time. She designed varied routines which kept it interesting and motivating. I was back on skis by next season. Five years later, I’m still training with Jacqueline–and still skiing 30+ days a year. I highly recommend her.”

— Liz W.

Jacqueline Kelly is Denver’s best resource for conquering the physical and mental limitations that keep you from your peak performance.