How Can We Help You Reach Your Goals?

“I started working with Jacqueline Kelly in the spring of 2008, and at the time I was in pretty bad shape. I was working in a high stress job, suffering frequent migraines, and had good reason to be concerned. I was still recovering from the two blood clots and pulmonary embolism that I developed over Christmas the year before.

Nothing like a near death experience to clear your mind and motivate you to make better decisions with your health.

We started three sessions a week and after a month of workouts, I worked with  Jacqueline to develop custom program designed to minimize my body fat, improve my cardiovascular activity and gain strength.

It took a lot of work but by 2009 , My body fat was down to 12% and I never felt better in my life.  Daily workouts became my routine. I had made a major change for the better….

I have Jacqueline to thank for that. I feel very lucky to have her as my trainer, my sports psychologist, and one of my best friends.”

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