“I started working with Jacqueline Kelly in the spring of 2008, and at the time I was in pretty bad shape. I was working in a high stress job, suffering frequent migraines, and had good reason to be concerned. I was still recovering from the two blood clots and pulmonary embolism that I developed over Christmas the year before.

Nothing like a near death experience to clear your mind and motivate you to make better decisions with your health.

We started three sessions a week and after a month of workouts, I worked with  Jacqueline to develop custom program designed to minimize my body fat, improve my cardiovascular activity and gain strength.

It took a lot of work but by 2009 , My body fat was down to 12% and I never felt better in my life.  Daily workouts became my routine. I had made a major change for the better.

That’s why it was so weird when, towards the  end of 2009 I developed a tendency of tripping on my right leg  Over time I developed other symptoms that turned out to be Parkinson’s disease, a devastating diagnosis.

Lucky for me, Jacqueline immediately appointed herself one of my caregivers. Jacqueline allowed me a couple of days to process the news, she challenged me to go even harder in my workouts.  My best defense was a strong offense.  In the meantime she started reading medical journals and developing a whole new plan of attack for our sessions,   designed to slow the progress of the disease. She also made sure my “mental game“ got stronger too, Thanks to her expertise in sports psychology.

The good news is that today at 63 years old, I still have Parkinson’s disease, but I am more fit and active than many of my friends and peers who do not have Parkinson’s disease.

I have Jacqueline to thank for that. I feel very lucky to have her as my trainer, my sports psychologist, and one of my best friends.”

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