Recovery Training

Athletic Recovery & Parkinson’s Circuit Training

Recovering from an injury takes more than just physical therapy. If you want to get back on the field, you’ll need a trainer who understands how to bring you back to the strength, coordination, and flexibility you need to be in to perform in your sport.

Athletic Recovery Training

Physicial therapy is designed to get your muslces and joints moving again. It is not intended to get you back to full sport-ready condition. Kelly Performance and Wellness begins where PT leaves off. We take you beyond basic improved range-of-movement to the athletic condition you want to be in.

Your first session will begin with a thorough assessment of your abilities and weaknesses as they relate to your sport. We will then formulate an in-depth athletic recovery plan to help you regain the specific strength, coordination, and flexibility you need to perform well in your sport again.

We also know that injuries take a mental as well as physical toll on the body, so part of the athletic rehabilitation plan will be mental skills training to help you overcome the fears and anxieties associated with your injury. Using mental imagery, positive self-talk, hypnosis, and other techniques administered by our licensed therapist, you will recover fully both physically and mentally and be ready to perform at your peak again.

Parkinson’s Circuit Training

Exercise is one of the best ways to alleviate symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease. (PD). Keeping the body moving is critical for individuals with Parkinson’s. Kelly Performance and Wellness trains people with Parkinson’s for improved strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Each class is a blend of cardio and strength exercises with an emphasis on strength training.

A typical class includes a 10-minute warm up followed by 50 minutes of rotations through several training stations. Each station features fun and challenging exercises that are either timed or based on a particular number of repetitions. There will be 10 – 12 stations per session.

This type of energetic circuit training increases strength and aerobic fitness while burning calories. Most importantly, it takes partcipants through specific ranges of motion to work on and improve balance and stability.

Participants build cameraderie with one another as they nurture a peer support system. Increase your confidence and overall health and well being by joining our Parkinson’s Circuit Training. To register for this class, please call 720-232-4236.